Cootamundra Public School

Learning on Wiradjuri Land.

Telephone02 6942 1402

Canteen & Lunch Wallets

The School Canteen is operated by the P&C Association and is open three days a week (closed on Monday and Tuesday).  Lunch is to be ordered before 9.30am by dropping off a lunch wallet, which will be placed in the appropriate class boxes for delivery to the the lunch area by a class messenger. You can also order online using the School24 app, no later than 8.45am. To use this service, download the app and register with the Cootamundra Public School code - 25249963 or email School24 at


Sticky Beaks Lunch Wallets

 The Sticky Beaks lunch 'wallet' is a reusable canteen lunch order bag.  The wallet includes a clear pocket for your child's name and class and a clear pocket with zipper for money and the written order.  The lunch wallets are available for purchase from the canteen and come in a variety of colours.