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Class Parent Representative

The role of a CPR (and ideally there would be two per class) is to promote parent involvement in our school community.  Being a parent representative is a way of assisting the school which in turn benefits our children.  As a CPR you are a valued member of our school community and your time and commitment is very much appreciated.


The tasks and roles of a Class Parent Representative include:

  1. Being a contact person for the class teacher to encourage parent involvement in class activities, and when they require assistance in the classroom or for special projects.  For example costumes for an assembly item, covering books, volunteers for reading groups, etc.
  2. Coordinating parent helpers for class and school events, and encouraging parent participation in fundraisers such as the Fete.  Each class takes on a stall or activity at the Fete and the CPRs, together with the teacher, would be responsible for organising the stall.
  3. Being a contact person for the parents in your class, and someone other than parents can ask questions about what is happening at the school and in the classroom.
  4. Welcoming new parents and assisting them in getting to know other parents and feel part of the school community.

It is important that class teachers see all notes being sent home before distribution.

CPRs do not need to join the P&C but are encouraged to attend P&C meetings when they can, especially to discuss ideas and provide feedback. 

For more information please email cootamundrapublicschool@pandcaffiliate.